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Member Code of Conduct(*)

    MCPTL is committed to conducting all of its activities with honesty and integrity, in accordance with high ethical and legal standards and with respect for our members, non-member guests, and those who share the same vision (mind) with Us.

    This Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behavior and professionalism expected of all members (to be decided : type of membership) who participate in movement activities or programs.

    MCPTL considers it vital that any activity conducted are conducted in a manner that is a safe, non-violence, respect the rule of law, and trusted environment for all attendees, members and volunteers.

    MCPTL members should agree to adhere to this code of conduct for the duration of their membership.

    MCPTL members and management should conduct themselves in such a way that reflects the vision , aims and values ( To be developed : Vision, Aim, Values) of MCPTL and the conduct outlined in this document.
    • MCPTL Members are reminded of their obligation under the Articles of Movement (To be developed) to further, to the best of their ability, the objects, interests and influence of the Movement
    • Members of MCPTL are committed to ethical professional conduct and operate in good faith to their motto “Merit based no professional Public Servant (to be developed)”.
    • MCPTL Members’ professional conduct must be guided by basic rules of professional ethics and by the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, in order to uphold and advance the integrity, honour and dignity of the profession.
    • MCPTL members must treat others with respect and must not encourage or participate in bullying or intimidation of other people ( member, employee or otherwise). This includes appropriate use of language and ethical consideration in all communications, such as in journals, conference papers, emails, and social media.
    • MCPTL members will act with honesty in all dealings with other members while of MCPTL Activities and with the MCPTL office.
    • Members must not misrepresent or withhold information from the MCPTL office related to MCPTL services, events, projects and initiatives.
    • MCPTL members will adhere to all equality laws and regulations and shall not discriminate against any person.
    • They should ensure that any work undertaken for MCPTL does not bring MCPTL into disrepute or threaten MCPTL legal obligations
    • Any person holding an official position in MCPTL ( Executive members or staff) is expected to comply with all MCPTL policies and procedures ( To be Developed).
    • The MCPTL name and logo are copyrighted and belong to MCPTL . They should not be used by individual members unless the member has received permission from the MCPTL office.
    • MCPTL members should use their membership benefits appropriately and should safeguard the benefits of their membership.
    • If a member of MCPTL should know of, or become aware of, any breach of this Code of Conduct by another member they should notify MCPTL office or contact the current MCPTL Chair.
    • Any complaint that a member has breached this Code of Conduct shall be dealt with in accordance with the MCPTL complaints procedure ( to be developed). However this action does not preclude legal action being taken if deemed appropriate by the MCPTL Executive.

Source Consulted:
1.    GATTA Code of Conduct
2.    AARE Code of Conduct

(*) Drafted by DR Nelson Martins

Sergio Lobo

By Sergio Lobo

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